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OMA Barbeque (Summer 2002)

     Barbeques are a common social activity for residents in Osaka. However, gathering several Muslims from different countries became very crucial.  It can be considered as one of the most effective issues to motivate all brothers to do their best for keeping our community in Osaka more tied eliminating isolationist tendencies.
On Sunday, 9th of June  2002, OMA invited all the members to attend a barbeque held in Kita Senri Park starting the social activity of the new committee.  It was organized by brothers: Prof. Mozammel Haq (Bangladesh) and Ahmed El Refaey (Egypt).
The participants number was greatly unexpected as it exceeded 40 beside children. 
     We all enjoyed eating, drinking, discussing and also playing. Since a very long time ago, it is the first time for such number to gather altogether, which reflected our new spirit and eagerness for brotherhood.

Here are some pictures from this event:

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