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Seminar of Children Education in Japan

        On Sunday (May 19, 2002) OMA has been invited by KMII (Indonesian Moslems Association in Kansai) to come to the seminar of children education in Japan. This occasion was held in Toyonaka International Center, Osaka. The program was started after Dzuhur prayer with Islamic contests for children: adzan, short Qur’an surah memorizing and common daily prayer. This is a very good activity for children to make exercise for them to speak in front of people. The good news is… not only the winner, but all contestants got a prize! After that there was a discussion about problem and solution of children education in Japan. In this session several parents from Indonesia and also one parent from Egypt talked about the problem they encounter to make a good education for their children in Japan. Moreover, they also told their solution to the audience.We have a short break for Ashar prayer and then the program continued by a speech by a speaker came from Tokyo. After this speech, there was a short question-answer session. The whole program was finished around 6 PM.

These are some pictures from this seminar:

Opening and Qur'an Recitation


Adhan Contest for Children

Qura'n Recitation Contest for Children

Simple Duaa Contest

Handing Gifts for the Winners

Lunch Receiption

The Speech

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