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Essential Downloads


1. Islamic Prayer Times " Adhan ": 
Islamic Prayer Times is a free PC software calling automatically for prayers and covers more than 2000 world cities, including Osaka (Japan). The Holy Quran recitation is starting 15 minutes before each prayer time (recitation lasts 5 minutes). You can select only one among six available adhans, or alternate among available adhans for each prayer. Such amazing program is presented from Al Muhaddith Organization ( ).

Click here to download it:

2. Qibla Calculator:
There are several Windows programs which calculate the Qibla direction (i.e. direction of the Kabbah, Mecca) from any location on earth. They give a dynamic real-time data as you pass the mouse cursor over a beautiful map of the earth. They would also produce spherical maps of the earth as it would appear from space from a point above your location.

Click here to download it:

. CyberSalat:
    A FREE Multimedia Islamic Prayer Tutor to teach you how to pray the daily prayers correctly. Visit the following page to download the program:

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