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Arabic Language on the Web


Arabic Tutorials

Arabic for Non Arab with sound
Table of Contents - Arabic tutorials
Arabic Language, Culture & Grammer Notes
Learn to Read the Qur'an in 10 Lessons
Arabic Lessons - Vocabulary
Arabic Alphabet Online
Some Quran Suras with Latin Alphabet & Real Audio Help for Western Readers who are learning to read the Quran
Learning to read Yaseen Sura with tajweed
Arabic Pronounciation Help
Arabic Alphabet for kids
Babel Arabic Tutorials
Beyond Nouns and Verbs - PDF file (pages 56-65)
The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
Foreign Languages For Travelers Including Arabic
Test Your Arabic Knowledge - Online Quiz
Check Your Arabic Knowledge - Another Online Quiz
Arabic Voweling Problem Sets - Interactive Tutorial

Arabic Grammar Tutorials

Arabic Pronouns
Arabic Sentence
Arabic Tenses
Arabic Tenses: The Perfect Tense:example verb - akala
Arabic Tenses: The Present Tense:example verb - kataba
Arabic Strong Verbs & Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of initial letter being weak, e.g., wajada, wa'Ada
Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of middle letter being weak, e.g., baa'A, jaa'A, saara, kaana, raway, sawiya
Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of last letter being weak, e.g., qara'a, bada'a
Arabic Doubled Verbs - example verbs: wadda and $akka

Arabic words and their English meanings

Arabic Phrases by Jordanian
Interlaan English-Arabic Vocabulary
Basic Vocabulary
Basic Arabic Words by Egyptian
Useful Arabic Questions & Answers by Syrian
Common Arabic Phrases by Syrians
Common Arabic words used in Qatar
Arabic Shopping Phrases by DubaiCity
Qur'anic Words list
Quranic Word a day
Arabic Phrases used in Saudi Arabia
Useful Arabic words
Concordance of Qur'an (phonetic Arabic with English Alphabet)

Arabic Classes at Educational Institutions

Arabic Course Descriptions at
Arabic Classes at University of Arizona
Arabic CourseDescriptions at University of Arizona
Arabic at Clark Atlanta University
The George Washington University Arabic Program
Arabic language Programs at University of Chicago
Arabic Classes at Purdue University
Arabic at University of Pennsilvenia
Arabic Courses at Riverside Community College
Arabic Courses at
Arabic Courses at University of Toronto
Three Years of Arabic Program
Arabic Language Program at Ohio State
Arabic Courses at University of Notre Dame
Arabic at
Arabic at Stanford University
Arabic Courses at University of Missouri - Kansas City
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arabic Language and Literature
Arabic at University of Virginia
ArabAcademy Online


The Arabic Letters
Learn how to write the Arabic scripts
Learn how to read the Arabic letters
History of the Arabic language
Learning Arabic on the Web

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